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I am a watercolorist, graphic designer, and plant enthusiast, with a certification from the University of Washington in Natural Science Illustration. Moving to the pacific northwest from dryer environments like the Midwest and Southern California, it was a shock to see such lush surroundings. I am inspired by the naturally occurring flora of the PNW that I had only seen in photos, and to experience them in person is even now a wonder to witness. My artwork is an effort to show what is not seen at first glance; a spotlight on what is beautiful, stark, and serene. I hope to bring attention to the small and unnoticed, from living things beneath our feet that just become part of the landscape without a hand to move the magnifying glass.


Mentioned in the Boston Globe Magazine for my work in papercutting and a local market (Issue August 4, 2013). It was a heart-swelling moment to be publicly recognized, and set the stage for many opportunities to come.

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